24 Hours On WordPress

The last 24 hours or more I have been on WordPress. A template part has been made. In the evening, and night I participated in WordPress Slack. Today the categories were organized in the entire site. The Aquarelle template part In Web Developer 258:50 pp. there’s a lovely tutorial on a watercolorlike animation for a… Continue reading 24 Hours On WordPress

Torberg: LMS built on top-down approach

By reflecting the hierarchical organizational structures of universities, the LMS built on a strict top-down approach, giving absolute administrative control to technical specialists in an IT-department, while giving less control to the teachers. (Vladimir Torberg et al. “Sustaining Teacher Control in a Blog-Based Personal Learning Evironment” 2013) This quote is spot on. To this day… Continue reading Torberg: LMS built on top-down approach

A Note on Literature Review Method (Working Paper)

The literature review Literature review is a craft that is closely related to database design. If you work with research one of the first steps is to design your research database. In “How to Write a Thesis” Umberto Eco once wrote that the researcher should work with files. He suggested that the researcher should write… Continue reading A Note on Literature Review Method (Working Paper)

Reading Reports

The database comes in handy by now. My pool of papers rose from around 10 to 40. In the morning I read two reports in about three hours. Most of them are in .pdf – so I can search for keywords and find relevant quotes relatively quickly. I guess that it will be possible to… Continue reading Reading Reports


WordPress 102 CMS 100 (should include all, in theory but does not) Joomla 11 Drupal 8 Magento 11 Occurence of the word x in reports at Office365 @BAAA (visited: Oct. 10th 2016) Take these numbers with a grain of salt. As far as I can see the system counts the occurrence of the word –… Continue reading Statistics

WordPress in Final Reports and BA Dissertations

At the BAAA.dk all reports are handed in online via Wiseflow and they’re saved in a Office365 database. Above is the result if I search the word WordPress. Since the system is relatively the numbers don’t mean much … yet. For this research project this is a most valuable source. From the reports we can… Continue reading WordPress in Final Reports and BA Dissertations