Speed Up WordPress

Speed is very important online. First of all because the user’s get impatient after 3-4 seconds. Speed is also one of the factors that will improve your SEO ranking. How do you speed up WordPress. First of all: use Lighthouse in the Chrome browser and follow the suggetions. On my website the images needed optimization.… Continue reading Speed Up WordPress

Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects

Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects unit

The Boss GT-1 can emulate 27 different amps. They are named in a weird way, probably in order to avoid copyright issues. So far I have only found one list, that suggests the “real” names of the simulated amps. In this blog post Michael Rendon suggests what the names of the simulated ams could be.… Continue reading Boss GT-1 Guitar Effects

YouTube Tutorials

Here are a few of my tutorials on YouTube. Most of the tutorials give you sample code for the prototypes in projects or exercises. The tutorials are available via Github. HTML, CSS (MMD 1st. semester) Github (MMD: all classes) JavaScript (MMD: 2nd. semester) WordPress / REST API (MMD: 3rd. semester and above)