Adobe Animate and the OpenWeatherMap API

Part One: Adobe Animate and API Do you want to fetch data from an API and use the data in your Adobe Animate CC creative work? Animate CC productions are made by JavaScript and HTML canvas. In theory getting data should work. Let’s try! OpenWeatherMap The data from OpenWeatherMap is only available when you have… Continue reading Adobe Animate and the OpenWeatherMap API

A Sandbox for WordPress

One line of code. That’s all you need in order to get your sandbox. Developers often need a place where the can experiment with design ideas or Minimal Viable Productions. This tutorial will show you how to do this. Download WordPress from Unzip the files. Delete the file wp-config-sample.php Download the file wp-config.php from… Continue reading A Sandbox for WordPress

WordPress Guide

WP: Fall 2020 Here is a guide to WordPress 5.5. This version is just released by WordPress (august 2020). We have a brand new block editor with exciting features. What’s new in WordPress 5.5? By now WordPress is skipped with a fantasctic block editor. Some even predict that the days of mighty Elementor and other… Continue reading WordPress Guide

Murat’s WordPress Tutorials

Murat Kilic is one of our fellow senior lecturers at Business Academy Aarhus. He is a WordPress expert, and his video will help new WordPress users in many ways. On </ startlearning > you will find Murats videos and tutorials about WordPress tweaks. Here are a few of Murat’s tutorials: Install WordPress on UnoEuro

Sådan sætter du WordPress op på din localhost

Som webudvikler har man ofte brug for at kunne eksperimentere med sagerne i en sandkasse, hvor andre ikke har adgang. Her er en vejledning i at sætte WordPress op på din localhost – det vil sige en WordPress, der virker på netværket derhjemme. Her er de vigtigste links fra disse tutorials: Mamp Installing WordPress… Continue reading Sådan sætter du WordPress op på din localhost

Create a WordPress Sandbox on Your PC

How to install WordPress on your PC or Mac When you develop a web site it is often more convenient to work on a local computer. A) Install the Apache Server MAMP B) Install WordPress on MAMP Set up WordPress on localhost In order to run WordPress needs a server environment with PHP and a… Continue reading Create a WordPress Sandbox on Your PC