Student Projects and WordPress

Why is the code in socalled professinal themes so hard to understand? Multimedia students often face problems if they use freemium-premium solutions. Right now the multimedia students at Business Academy Aarhus work on their exam projects. During the project they’ll create an advanced multimedia solution for a real life client, that must be “powered by… Continue reading Student Projects and WordPress

Installing WordPress in a Second Semester Class

Differences between operative systems is a major challenge when you teach WordPress. Experiences from a real life classroom session in a second semester multimedia designer class. Yesterday I introduced WP to a second semester class. So these notes are based on my own reflections after the session. First a strategic overview: The class used XAMPP as… Continue reading Installing WordPress in a Second Semester Class

Curriculum 2nd Semester

Reflow to the business academy Friday: on a meeting we prepared for the upcoming semester. I told the 2nd semester team about the ideas behind Twenty Seventeen. In many ways the theme for our first project and Twenty Seventeen are similar. It’s interesting to note, that topics we’ve worked on for the last two -three years find… Continue reading Curriculum 2nd Semester