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  • “WordPress in the Classroom”: 2800+ visitors

    “WordPress in the Classroom”: 2800+ visitors

    Status “WordPress in the Classroom” : 2181 visitors, 290 downloads, avg. 9,8 pages seen per visit. Sources: Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress.

  • Smashing Magazine tweet about my eBook

    If you’re teaching WordPress in school, or know somebody who does, here’s a free eBook on everything WordPress: by @pertjensen — Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag) November 4, 2017 Vitaly Friedman and the Smashing Magazine kindly shared the link to my eBook on Twitter.  Smashing Magazine is always a great source of inspiration on everything about […]

  • Review: WordPress for Beginners (New for 2017)

    If your’re running a WordPress blog or similar “WordPress for Beginners” is a source of inspiration and knowledge. For web developers: this book is not for you! Focus on Beginners Perhaps I should have known: “… for beginners” may just mean “for beginners”. I bought the bookazine. At home it was opened. Not much about code […]

  • Torberg: LMS built on top-down approach

    By reflecting the hierarchical organizational structures of universities, the LMS built on a strict top-down approach, giving absolute administrative control to technical specialists in an IT-department, while giving less control to the teachers. (Vladimir Torberg et al. “Sustaining Teacher Control in a Blog-Based Personal Learning Evironment” 2013) This quote is spot on. To this day […]

  • Læser Real Life Responsive Web Design

    “Real Life Responsive Web Design” er redigeret af Vitaly Friedman. Vitaly udgiver Smashing Magazine. Bogen er en mursten med inspiration til arbejdet med responsive sider. Bogen introducerer løsninger til billeder i responsivt design. Generelt har billeder været et problem. Store billeder fungerer ikke godt på mobile enheder. Yoav Weiss giver bud på løsninger. Generelt er […]

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