Working on the Interview Guide

During the next weeks I’ll begin interviewing WordPress professionals and users. In general the idea is to explore the knowledge levels needed for WordPress professionals. The title of this research project is: “What You Should Know About WordPress”. Below the statement you’ll find a question: – What should you know about WordPress? Many students have… Continue reading Working on the Interview Guide

Visual Destillation of Ideas

Wordcloud 1: Destillation of Ideas The word-clouds are alchemic destillations of my literature review so far. I saved 500+ quotes from student reports and academic papers about WordPress in a MySQL database. I printed out all the quotes in one long string from the database. The actual word-clouds are made by a Chrome plugin. The clouds are… Continue reading Visual Destillation of Ideas

Research Progress: Cases and Twentyseventeen

Now I have read all the available WordPress cases on the BAAA server. I have followed the development of the Twentyseventeen core theme. In both cases the reading should be followed by interviews. And then the next logical step is to select the most relevant cases. Each case is surrounded by a small group of… Continue reading Research Progress: Cases and Twentyseventeen