Category: Theme Quest

  • Mindmap: Eight Sticks

  • Working on a minimal viable theme

    The concept “minimal viable production” is a common concept in agile projects. I’m working on a minimal viable WordPress theme. The rules are: The theme must validate according to WordPress Standards. The design is not important. So it’s all about function then. You can follow the development of the theme here (petj-mvp). The design is inspired […]

  • Theme Development Process

    Process notes: How to make and debug a WordPress theme Toolbox Debugging in WordPress. Debug bar. Developer Docs. Theme Developer Handbook: The Loop in Detail. Costum Headers. Costum Logo. Template file checklist. Automation (Nodejs) Nodejs is a must in rapid development. Here are some essential tools. SASS Much template work is tweaking the CSS. A […]

  • Challenge: Write a Theme

    One thing is to review themes. Another is to get it through the needle’s eye. Here’s the quest. Hack a theme that’ll meet all requirements and WordPress standards. The aim of the theme is to teach how to write a theme. In this way the theme will be usefull not only for me, but for […]

  • Didactic Template

    I’m working on a didactic template with these features: Bootstrap (for responsive web design) Wp-navwalker (for the menu) During the development I’ve used SASS and Bower for rapid prototyping. The theme was validated by the theme check plugin.

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