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  • Statistics

    WordPress 102 CMS 100 (should include all, in theory but does not) Joomla 11 Drupal 8 Magento 11 Occurence of the word x in reports at Office365 @BAAA (visited: Oct. 10th 2016) Take these numbers with a grain of salt. As far as I can see the system counts the occurrence of the word –…

  • WordPress in Final Reports and BA Dissertations

    At the all reports are handed in online via Wiseflow and they’re saved in a Office365 database. Above is the result if I search the word WordPress. Since the system is relatively the numbers don’t mean much … yet. For this research project this is a most valuable source. From the reports we can…

  • Trello and Google Docs

    Tomboy is not the best project manager on earth. I decided to use Trello as my kanban. It’s very basic: Backlog Doing Wait Done Since you can link from Trello to Google Docs I made online versions of the project description and a sheet for the overall plan.

  • Research Database Improved

    I found out that a URL field would be nice. So here’s the new and improved research database schema. During research I often meet online sources. In this way they are stored in one place. Originally the database was an implementation of the “Liza Matrix” (named after Dr. Liza Castro’s talk on literature reviews). The…

  • Cases ticking in

    Read three reports today- I’m using the database for notes on cases. I wish access to more cases. On the other hand the literature review is somewhat time consuming. After 10 – 15 cases I guess that I’ll get the overall picture. Since I’m looking for qualitative rather than quantitative data it’s kinda ok-ish.

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