Category: Pandoc

  • Research and Programming

    Right now my research and programming go hand in hand. Saving all sources and notes in a database proved to be a very good idea. Adding new sources to the database is easy in Adminer. Whenever new additions are made to the database, it’s a matter of seconds to compile a new bibliography file via…

  • Pandoc eBook Compiler

    Here is the actual version of my eBook compiler, adorned with cowsay user feedback.

  • Pandoc, Markdown and eBook-production

    Why don’t you save the long pandoc command lines as a bash script? In this project I write in Markdown most of the time. I may need the same text in many formats: .docx for the boss .pdf for nice presentations .tex for serious work .epub for ebooks .mobi for Kindle I have chosen to…

  • Better PDF support

    In this blogpost by Mike Schroder you can see, that WordPress will have better PDF support from WP 4.7. However, the PDF support needs several dependencies: Core support is provided through WP_Image_Editor_Imagick and requires Imagick, ImageMagick, and Ghostscript support. When not supported, or if the generation fails, WordPress falls back to previous behavior and saves the attachment without adding image previews to…

  • Create aBibtex file via MySQL and Python

    My sources are saved in a MySQL database. I’d like to write my text in LaTeX via LyX. I cannot use the database directly in my reports. So I need a compiler, that will convert my data to a format, that LyX & friends can handle. Therefore I have made a little compiler in Python.…

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