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Review: WordPress for Beginners (New for 2017)

If your’re running a WordPress blog or similar “WordPress for Beginners” is a source of inspiration and knowledge. For web developers: this book is not for you!

Focus on Beginners

Perhaps I should have known: “… for beginners” may just mean “for beginners”. I bought the bookazine. At home it was opened. Not much about code here. Most chapters focus on the GUI usage.

What the web developer may find

Towards the end however things get more interesting, that is: for the web developers. There’s a chapter about the WP-CLI . And some tutorials. Anyone with a little knowledge of CSS would be able to follow the tutorials.

The bookazine’s focus on the end user makes sense. This book is what most people need in order to get up and running with any WordPress site – especially if you run a blog or similar on

There’s good advice on how to choose plugins and themes. Twenty different themes are reviewed. Theme customization is introduced.

Here things get fun: fading buttons, hovering slide out menus, and so on.

The strength of the book is a clear focus on the WordPress beginner. The text does what it says.



By Per Thykjaer Jensen

Per is the WordPress expert at Business Academy Aarhus. Senior Lecturer at the Multimedia Design Programme. His background is in the Arts: MA Literature History and BA Art History. Later he added a MA in IT, interaction and Multimedia. And he is a wicked Linux user.

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