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I had some questions regarding the final thesis. Ok, here’s what the curriculum says. Check it in the folder Info for MDC students > 4th semester. And here’s a copy paste (but it’s not as neat as the original pdf file, so have a look at it):

1. Purpose of the 4th semester and main project 

The internship allows the student to work with relevant professional issues and to gain knowledge 

regarding relevant work functions. During the internship the student is bound to one or more 

private or public organizations. The internship forms the basis for the student’s final project and 

can be planned to allow both flexibility and differentiation. 

1.1 Evaluation of Internship

In order to have the Internship approved the student must make out a report. Cf the curriculum: 

The test is internal and evaluates the individual learning objectives which is set by the student in 

collaboration with the academy and the company before the Internship begins.

1.2 Internal test

The students are to works out an Internship report which will be evaluated. The academy 

recommends that the trainee keeps the log throughout the entire Internship period and use this as 

a basis for the report.

The report must contain:

– A short description of the Internship place/company

– A description of the assignment/tasks and a reflection on these in relation to the theories 

taught throughout the education

– A reflection on the Internship and the skills gained during the Internship

A list of results or part-results of the tasks solved during the Internship can be attached. The size 

of the report must be 4-6 pages.

1.3 Assessment

The test will be graded Passed or Not passed.

1.4 Re-examinationREQUIREMENTS – INTERNSHIP AND MAIN PROJECT 2010                                                                                      PAGE 2 OF 5

The student has the right to register for the same examination a maximum of three times. The 

conditions for re-examination is based on a professional assessment:

– Is the assessment due to lack of attendance during the Internship – a new Internship period 

is established

– Is the assessment due to lack of reflection in relation to the learning objectives a new 

Internship test must take place within 2 weeks after the first examination

2. Purpose of the main project exam on 4th semester

The final project includes all subject areas. In the final exam project the student must demonstrate 

his/her ability to document and solve, on an analytical and methodical basis, a complex and 

practice-oriented problem related to a specific assignment within the multimedia field.

2.1 External test

Specialization and perspectives – demonstrates understanding of the overall impression. An oral 

test based on the project, either worked out individually or in groups of up to 3 students. The test 

in the final examination project consists of a project and an oral part and is held at the end of the 

4th semester. 

2.2. Project, Report and Product 

The subject for the final examination project is decided by the student in consultation with the 

academy and preferably in collaboration with a company. The Academy approves the wording of 

the assignment. The project results in a report and a product. The product must be a digital 

application or a digital presentation. 

2.3 Final project

The purpose of the final examination project is for the student to document his/her ability to work 

analytically and methodically with a complex and practice related problem based on a concrete 

assignment within the multimedia field. The project must correspond to 15 ECTS points. The 

student must deal with the most central issues in the program.

2.4 Handing in 

The report must not exceed 30 standard pages* plus a maximum of 15 standard pages per group 

member, excluding appendices – a group of 1 member must hand in 45 pages. The individual 

examination is made to ensure that each student is examined in his/her specialization subject and 

in subjects which have not already been judged in the report.. 

2.5 Examination 

1. Group presentation of product and report: 15 minutes. 

2. Individual examination based on product and report: 25 minutes. 

3. Discussion of performance and announcement of mark: 10 minutes. 

2.6 Evaluation 

An individual mark is given based on an overall evaluation of product, report, presentation and 

individual examination.

3. Formalities

The main project must be stapled/fixed, bound or in ring binder – for instance CD´s and 

enclosures must be fixed and marked with enclosure number, name, title and name of program.

CD with all necessary/relevant files must be handed in (even if it is a live web site). Program source 

files and production files (for instance .ai, .fla, and .dir-files) must be on the CD as documentation. 

Other relevant electronic documentation can be put on the CD, for instance examples of untreated digital photos or sound files.REQUIREMENTS – INTERNSHIP AND MAIN PROJECT 2010                                                                                      PAGE 3 OF 5

The first page of the report is called Title page. This page must state the following information:

– Whether you will allow the project to be published or not

– Name of the Academy

– Name of the exam, here: “Final project”

– Title of the project – in Danish and English

– Name of the writer(s)

– Name of tutor

– Name of the company (if any)

– Project period

– Personal signature (date for handing in and signature)

You are to hand in 3 copies. The school copy will – if you give permission (must be stated on the 

title page – be made public at the school library. Please note that if your project is based on a 

company agreement, the company must give their approval as well.

An electronic version must also be handed in, for instance on a CD with the product. The student 

is obliged to ensure that both report and product is readable.

You must hand in – separately – these 3 forms for the administration office. The forms can be 

found at Fronter:

– Title of your main project form

– Company form

– Publication of the main project form

3.1 Table of content

The project must have a table of content, clearly showing the structure of the project split up in 

main chapters and sub-chapters and if necessary a list of enclosures.

Number of pages must also be stated in the table of content.

3.2 List of sources

The project must have a list of sources – the following system can be used;

Andersen, Hans Christian

1835 ’Eventyr & Historie’ (Gyldendal, Kbh.)

Andersen, Tim Frank & Lindstrøm, Martin

1999 ’Mærkevarer på Internettet’ (Børsens Forlag, Århus)

Tofte, Peter mfl.

       1998           ’Linux – Frihedens til at vælge’ (Globe, Kbh.)

The advantage of using this type of list is that it makes it easier to refer to – you can for instance 

write;  (Andersen/Lindstrøm, 1999: 56-66), you are then referring to the book by Tim Frank 

Andersen & Martin Lindstrøms ’Mærkevarer på Internettet’ page 56 –66.

When taking Text from the internet the source must be referred to as URL-addresses.

3.3 Notes

The project must have a decent note structure. Whether you are using footnotes or endnotes is up 

to each student/group.


Short quotes are allowed in the text, for instance ’It is characteristic that there are three phases 

when establishing a company on the internet’ (Andersen/Lindstrøm, 1999: 8). However, longer 

quotes should be shown by using a new paragraph and Italic letters – for exampleREQUIREMENTS – INTERNSHIP AND MAIN PROJECT 2010                                                                                      PAGE 4 OF 5

’Skab mindst to nye Linux-partitioner ved at trykke n og partitionsnummer. Dette 

skal du gøre to gange med partion 2 hhv. 3 ( hvis du har en Windows partition i 

forvejen). Lav partition 2 stor og partition 3 på måske 40 mb til Swap. Default type 

er Linux native. En af partitionerne (nummer 3) skal have ændret type til Linux Swap’ 

(Toft mfl.1998:kap.2.2) 

If you are only quoting a part of the section this is marked as the following;

’…to gange med partion 2 hhv. 3 ( hvis du har en Windows partition i forvejen). Lav 

partition 2 stor og partition 3 på måske 40 mb til Swap. …skal have ændret type til 

Linux Swap’ 

(Toft mfl.1998:kap.2.2)

4. Depth

There are different levels of depth regarding the acquired knowledge and the analysis made.

a) Descriptive – This is the lower level and the description is to answer a number of howquestions like

´How is the development…´

´How is the structure of the company…´

b) Explanatory & analytic

´How is the connection between … & …´

c) Critical causal description

´How can the described connection between …and… be used for…´

d) Tactical & strategic considerations

Describe the development in the future – considerations could be

´Based on the analysis made the marked/product/company/target group …´

A main project must reach levels c and d.

5. Assessment criteria of the product

In the assessment of the quality of the digital product following will be assessed:

– Aesthetics

– Functionality

– Communication

– Technical realization

The degree of completion will also be assessed. If the product has not been completed it must as a 

minimum fully show the idea of the product and have selected parts fully implemented.

6. Assessment criteria for the main project

In the assessment of the report following will be assessed:

– Whether the problem statement is precise, and can be used in practice

– The ability to involve and use relevant theory

– The ability of innovation – meaning the ability to implement innovation within the chosen field 

if the situation and resources allows it.

– Depth

– Plan and delimitation of the projectREQUIREMENTS – INTERNSHIP AND MAIN PROJECT 2010                                                                                      PAGE 5 OF 5

– Whether it is possible to discuss the options and limitations of the chosen methods and 


– The quality of the written presentation – the target groups are tutors at Business Academy 

Aarhus and possible company contracts. The language must be accommodated to the target 

group and spelling, punctuation and grammar must be correct. 

– Quality of the digital application or the digital presentation

7. Exam

Examination will take place when the external examiner has had approx. 14 days to read the 

project. The project must be orally defended. The examination is individual.

By way of introduction the student will present the content and the formulation of the problems in 

the assignment – this part takes approx. 15 minutes. This presentation should not only go 

through the written report, but also critically consider your own work ´what was good/bad?´

´what could be improved or added?´ ´how did the choice of method/tools/theory work out?´

After this the examination dialog between the student, tutor and the external examiner will take 

place. This will last approx. 30 minutes. A collective individual grade will be given based on the 

written report and the oral defense.

7.1 If you fail to pass

Should your project be given  -3 or 00 you have not passed. Should this happen you can choose to 

do a new project and enter another exam. If you feel that there is cause for complaining about the 

examination you must send a written complaint to the school at the latest 2 weeks after the 

examination has taken.*If you do not show up for the examination it will count as an attempt.

7.2 If the project is not handed in on time

Students not handing in the project on time are considered as being absent from examination. 

Projects handed in to late will be rejected. The student does however have the possibility of 

entering a re-examination. To enter a re-examination a new project with a new formulation of 

problems must be made.*

7.3 Sickness

If the student is taken ill in the 14 days up to the project deadline, and is able to hand in a 

physician´s statement to the school, the deadline can be extended with up to 5 days. If you are 

taken ill more than 14 days before project deadline the deadline for handing in will not be 

extended and the school rarely grants exemptions from this rule.

Should you become ill on the day of examination the same rules as ´sickness´ are valid.

*The time for re-examination and examination due to illness are laid down by the school. 

NOTE:  It is not possible to sign up for main project exam if the mandatory tests have not been 



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