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Entered the theme review theme on Today a lot of software was installed:

  • Virtualbox (for a linux sandbox for WordPress)
  • Installed the recommended bugtragging plugins in the sandbox.

Then I read the extensive documentation on coding standards, and the things a theme reviewer should look at.

The codesniffer gave some problems. The recipe found here worked. Β The documentation in a zip-file on Slack missed many practical details. And so did the page on Github with the codesniffer code.

First phpcs was installed via apt-get. The next steps are contained in this shell history dump:

2010  phpcs --standard=WordPress wp-config.php
 2011  pear
 2012  phpcs --standard=WordPress wp-config.php
 2013  sudo pear channel-update
 2014  pear upgrade-all
 2015  phpcs --standard=WordPress wp-config.php
 2016  pear install wordpress
 2017  composer create-project wp-coding-standards/wpcs:dev-master --no-dev
 2018  sudo apt-get install composer
 2019  composer create-project wp-coding-standards/wpcs:dev-master --no-dev
 2020  phpcs --standard=WordPress wp-config.php
 2021  phpcs --config-set installed_paths wpcs
 2022  sudo phpcs --config-set installed_paths wpcs
 2023  phpcs -i
 2024  phpcs --standard=WordPress wp-config.php

By Per Thykjaer Jensen

Per is the WordPress expert at Business Academy Aarhus. Senior Lecturer at the Multimedia Design Programme. His background is in the Arts: MA Literature History and BA Art History. Later he added a MA in IT, interaction and Multimedia. And he is a wicked Linux user.

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