Raspberry Pi Server

Noobs Server
Noobs Server

So this summer I’ll set up a Raspberry Pi webserver on my LAN. Since I have a fixed IP-address at home the RP should be able to work as my webserver. In due time that is. I bought the RPi with a very small SD card. All too soon it ran out of memory. I bought a 16 GB SD card and tried to install an os.

My first try was Raspian, since Debian is among my favorite distros. But the thing simply would not boot. Like at all. After several burnings, formats, gparteds and unetbootins I went for the nobrainer Noops.

After a format I copyed the files to the SD card. And … Abrahadabra … the Pi booted.


Published by Per Thykjaer Jensen

Senior Lecturer at the Multimedia Design and Communication Programme at Aarhus Business College. I teach code and UX. Linux evangelist and WordPress expert.

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