Research: Adobe Animate

Next semester I will teach Adobe Animate and integrate the animations with WordPress. In this blog I will collect resources and tutorials as a preparation for the next semester’s UX classs for Multimedia Designers. Tutorials Adobe Animate “RubberNinja’s” tutorial is an introduction to the basic user interface (UI): The next tutorial by “TipTut” with almost… Continue reading Research: Adobe Animate

FAQ: Multimedia Designer Internship

Why internship? The internship will give you experiences from the Multimedia business. In the end you will have to reflect on what you’ve learned in a report. You will get a grade based on these reflections. “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” (John Dewey) The Internship Length Your internship will last… Continue reading FAQ: Multimedia Designer Internship

Per’s Corona Diary 01

Day one after the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen closed down the country. Here are my impressions. Teaching from home begins.

Coding While Corona

So how can we stay in touch during the Corona pandemic virus? Here are a few suggestions. now on

Today I have moved the content from my research blog to From 2016 – 2017 I was the lead WordPress researcher at the Business Academy Aarhus. Since the project “What You Should Know About WordPress” is not active any more I have decided to move all content from the research site to