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  • 10 Secrets: add APIs to WordPress without plugins

    Here are 10 secret ways where you can include content via APIs – from maps to social media.

  • Add Fontawesome to WordPress

    Font awesome is a very large collection of icons for any webpage. Installing Fontawesome is easy. If you link to the CSS in the head section of your webpage, you’re ready to go. But how can we do this on WordPress?

  • E-Alumni Talk: “New Trends in WordPress: 2020 – 2021”

    Here are the slides from my E-Alumni talk at Business Academy Aarhus November 4rd 2020 The Trends A) Trends in CMS usage with focus on WordPress 2020 – 20201. B) Blockbuilders – the situation where Gutenberg is integrated in the WordPress Core. C) Twentytwentyone under deveopment here and now. What can we expect from the […]

  • A Sandbox for WordPress

    One line of code. That’s all you need in order to get your sandbox. Developers often need a place where the can experiment with design ideas or Minimal Viable Productions. This tutorial will show you how to do this. Download WordPress from Unzip the files. Delete the file wp-config-sample.php Download the file wp-config.php from […]

  • Murat’s WordPress Tutorials

    Murat Kilic is one of our fellow senior lecturers at Business Academy Aarhus. He is a WordPress expert, and his video will help new WordPress users in many ways. On </ startlearning > you will find Murats videos and tutorials about WordPress tweaks. Here are a few of Murat’s tutorials: Install WordPress on UnoEuro

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