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Research: Adobe Animate

Next semester I will teach Adobe Animate and integrate the animations with WordPress. In this blog I will collect resources and tutorials as a preparation for the next semester’s UX classs for Multimedia Designers.

Tutorials Adobe Animate

“RubberNinja’s” tutorial is an introduction to the basic user interface (UI):

The next tutorial by “TipTut” with almost one hour of basic instruction. This is a good starting point, if you use Adobe Animate for the first time. It’s a quite long video, but you’ll get an idea of the animation workflow.

For those of us who knew Adobe Flash (killed by Steve Jobs a few years before his death): the workflow in Adobe Animate is almost the same.

Next steps:

  • Export to HTML canvas via Adobe Animate
  • Create a WordPress costum page
  • Implement the resulting code in WordPress
  • Enqueue scripts

Codewise you’ll see that knowledge of JavaScript is an advantage. Probably I’ll have to create some video tutorials about this on my YouTube channel.

Animation Theory

12 Principles of Animation


Williams, Richard: Animator’s Survival Kit (2012)