Bill Gates: About the AI Age

These days Bill Gates acts like a renaissance thinker watching the world from a tower. To Gates there is no doubt that AI is the mark of a new age:

“But I think in the next five to 10 years, AI-driven software will finally deliver on the promise of revolutionizing the way people teach and learn. It will know your interests and your learning style so it can tailor content that will keep you engaged. It will measure your understanding, notice when you’re losing interest, and understand what kind of motivation you respond to. It will give immediate feedback.”

(Bill Gates: The Age of AI has Begun)

Concerning teaching and AI:

I know a lot of teachers are worried that students are using GPT to write their essays. Educators are already discussing ways to adapt to the new technology, and I suspect those conversations will continue for quite some time. I’ve heard about teachers who have found clever ways to incorporate the technology into their work—like by allowing students to use GPT to create a first draft that they have to personalize.

Gates, op.cit.


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