PWA: Webapp with Push in WordPress

A web app is an application made by web technologies. The web app will run similar to a native app, that is if the user agrees to install the web app on the device. Several WordPress plugins are able to do this.

Creating a web app i WordPress is surprisingly easy. But make sure, that your web solution looks cool on mobile devices during your design. Probably one or more elements will need some CSS tweaks.

Here I don’t recommend page builders such as Elementor, Divi &c.

Plugin: PWA for WP & AMP

Install this PWA plugin:

It’s easy to use and works in most mobile browsers:

  • Chrome: works like a charm. You’ll get a “want to install” message. That’s it.
  • AdBlock: you have to install the app manually. However, that’s what we’d expect from this browser, isn’t it?

Push Notifications

Here you have to add a plugin to the plugin. After that create a user profile. Add the token to the PWA plugin. Now pushing should be possible. That is in theory.

When I run the browser version, I’m asked whether notifications are ok. Just answer yeah here. Below: the plugin for push notifications.

Pro & Con

  • Pro: a web app will run without web connection if the pages are cached. The pages visited will be cached too. And the app is fast.
  • Con: why install yet another app when you can just browse the web?
  • Con: When the app is active the cashe now and then work in unexpected ways. You may see old versions of new pages. Because of this I removed the app.


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