HTML Kickstart og PHP

HTML Kickstart ( giver et framework til hurtig udvikling af html. Siderne kan konverteres til .php sådan: Gem din fil som minfil.php Herefter kan kode genbruges ved includes. Det kan være en god ide at lave en skitse over din side, således at du får en ide om, hvad du vil udvikle. Husk at en… Continue reading HTML Kickstart og PHP

PHP: Cookie, Array, Loop

The complete code to this article is available here. We use cookies in order to save information about or from the user input. If you compare my Firefox and Chrome browsers they will format the Microlite roleplaying web page according to random values, dates and saved input. Computergames use random values in stead of dice.… Continue reading PHP: Cookie, Array, Loop

Tutorials – the wpdb class

Tutorials by Honey Boney. The wodb class Insert   Create table   Tutorial by Honey Boney on Youtube Other videos bt the same author.

Today’s Ethan Quote

“Rather than quarantining our content into disparate, device-specific experiences, we can use media queries to progressively enhance our work within different viewing contexts.” (Ethan Marcotte)

Principles of PHP

Here is a very short introduction to the principles of PHP.  PHP is an acronym for “hypertext preprocessor”. PHP is a serverside language. We use PHP in order to prepare webpages, react to user input – and (on the third semester) to interact with databases. Many Open Source CMSs use a combination of Apache, PHP… Continue reading Principles of PHP