Log: class session today 10 – 12.

How to begin

First we had a short presentation round, because not all students are members of the same class. Some of you had experiences from internships in Germany, Aarhus and the Faroe Islands.

I gave inputs on how to start. In the previous post the basic statements are found. The short version is:

  1. You can focus on whatever topic you want – as long as it partakes in the subjects of the multimedia design programme – somehow.
  2. The task is: write a report and make a digital product.
  3. Academic standards is a must.
  4. Remember that the report will give you the grade –  the product is merely an “illustration” a problem or how you solved a task.
Several questions were asked on the nature of the digital product. By now there are many ideas:
  • Ads
  • Videos
  • Surveys
  • etc.
In the end there was Q&A session, where group of students got a short individual sparring on their idea for the final thesis.
And … Susanne took a picture of the blackboard. I hope that you can upload it. If you can’t upload the picture please send it to me by mail.

Should we have more mutual sessions?

No – from now on you just contact me by this blog, email, skype or otherwise (not sms please). 

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