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Learning WordPress Themes from Scratch

Here’s the challenge for the class: Create a repo on Github. Create a WordPress theme from scratch. During the six hour lesson files, such as: functions.php header.php footer.php style.css index.php was presented one by one. The students had to create their own version of a WordPress theme on Github. As far as I could see there […]

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Install WordPress on a Localhost (Linux)

Here’s a recipe that works on Ubuntu & friends: Unzip the WordPress files. Prepare a database in PhpMyAdmin. The collation should be utf8. Edit /etc/apache2/envvars (see below) How to edit theΒ  /etc/apache2/envvars file locate lines: export APACHE_RUN_USER = www-data export APACHE_RUN_GROUP= www-data Change this to: export APACHE_RUN_USER = yourName export APACHE_RUN_GROUP= yourName The username should […]