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  • Web Summit Lisbon 2023

    Web Summit Lisbon 2023

    Lecturers from Business Academy Aarhus will participate in Websummit Lisbon november 2023.

  • Creative with MaKey MaKey and JavaScript

    Creative with MaKey MaKey and JavaScript

    In this video you will learn to fire off a JavaScript function whenever a button is pushed.

  • Protected: C test

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Add an image hover effect in WordPress by a Custom HTML Block

    Add an image hover effect in WordPress by a Custom HTML Block

    What We Try To Do Please hover your mouse over the image below. The Code We Need Here is the kind of code that we need in order to develop this effect: Avoid Blank Lines Note the ugliness of the code above. No indentations. No whitespace. Unfortunately there is a reason for this mess. The…

  • How to pull new code from origial repository to a local forked repository

    How to pull new code from origial repository to a local forked repository

    In this thread on Stackoverflow you’ll find an easy method to pull new/updated code from an original repository to your local fork: After adding the upstream you only have to run the merge or rebase command now and then – whenever you know or suppose that the code was updated.

  • Crash Introduction: Woocommerce REST API

    Crash Introduction: Woocommerce REST API

    A short crash introduction to the Woocommerce REST API. In the tutorial you will learn how to present a product list from the REST API on any HTML page.

  • Buggy: Create Block Theme

    I have wasted several hours on the “Create Block Theme” plugin. Now it’s imposible to add new fonts. This error will come up: I have filed an error report to WP. The error suggests that you should add something along these lines to wp_config.php. But this has no effect on the plugin. Now adding fonts…

  • What is WordPress?

    What is WordPress?

    Introduction to WPIf you need a simple easy to read article about WP, what is is – and what it can do for you try “What is WordPress” (Kinsta). Quote from the article: “Many years ago, WordPress was primarily a tool to create a blog, rather than more traditional websites. That hasn’t been true for…

  • Does the Browser Block Your Website?

    Is your website is blocked in the browser because it’s “not safe”? In that case you have to install the HTTPS protocol. On this operation is relatively simple: Enable HTTPS How about SubDomains? The HHTS settings will not work on the subdomains. Here you have to enable HTTPS again on each subdomain. HTTPS and…

  • Future Challenges for WordPress

    Future Challenges for WordPress

    The Full Site Editor is not in Beta any more. There are attempts at improvements. But will the new user understand the complex features?

  • WooCommerce Research

    WooCommerce Research

    Research Notes for a e-Commerce Class. How to set up WooCommerce with sample data, fake payment and block based editors.

  • Bill Gates: About the AI Age

    These days Bill Gates acts like a renaissance thinker watching the world from a tower. To Gates there is no doubt that AI is the mark of a new age: “But I think in the next five to 10 years, AI-driven software will finally deliver on the promise of revolutionizing the way people teach and…

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