Observations: 2nd Semester Multimedia Design

Observations from a 2nd semeter class working on a magazine case. The class installed WordPress on localhosts a week before. During this class the students were introduced to themes and child themes. In the weeks to come the class will tweak a theme to suit a visual identity. Issues for students on Mac-laptops Before the… Continue reading Observations: 2nd Semester Multimedia Design

Project Impact

How many times have my Tweeps and blog posts been read? It is impossible to know such a thing. On the other hand, it is possible to follow statistics on Twitter and on my web server. Here’s a quick and dirty status over the media impact of the research project “What You Should Know About… Continue reading Project Impact

Radio Buttons and DOM

Gist: How to manipulate the DOM via event listeners.  

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Moe Tucker: Pale Blue Eyes

Moe Tucker played drums in the Velvet Underground. Pale Blue Eyes lyrics and music by Lou Reed (1969).

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WordPress and REST API

The newest version of WordPress came with a REST API. It will revolutionize the ways we think about themes. You don’t have to use PHP any more. With HTML, CSS and JavaScript you can get content via Json. What is REST API? The very short version is: WordPress will return Json objects from certain endpoints.… Continue reading WordPress and REST API