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  • Scratch for Makey-Makey

    Testing Makey-Makey URL: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/191787458/ Or even better a Makey-Makey Studio: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/223260/ Use the SPACE key for the cat. Move the elephant with the RIGHT and LEFT “arrow” (i.e. the coin or belt buckle in this case). What is Makey Makey? Makey-Makey is basicly a keyboard. The bottom bar is ground, and the others are “keys”. You can […]

  • Learning WordPress Themes from Scratch

    Here’s the challenge for the class: Create a repo on Github. Create a WordPress theme from scratch. During the six hour lesson files, such as: functions.php header.php footer.php style.css index.php was presented one by one. The students had to create their own version of a WordPress theme on Github. As far as I could see there […]

  • Scratch

    Scratch er et pædagogisk redskab, der skal lære skoleelever og unge at programmere. Programmeringen sker med blokke, der minder om Lego. En scratch kan bruges som prototype til et spil – for kodens logik kan med få ændringer omsættes til ActionScript, Lua, Python, JavaScript osv. – Spillet starter når du klikker på den grønne fane. […]

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