Unified Modelling Language (UML)

“Modeling is an Essential Part of large software projects, and helpful to medium and even small projects as well. A model plays the analogous role in software development that blueprints and other plans (site maps, elevations, physical models) play in the building of a skyscraper.” (Source: UML.org)



Nice and need to haves.
Nice and need to haves.
  • Intro UML: Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram & Class Diagram.
  • From UML til PHP class via case.

Learning Objectives

  • Obtain knowledge about data modelling. In this case via UML.
  • Use Case Diagram
  • Activity Diagram
  • Class Diagram

About UML

  1. Jade Krafsig: PHP OOP (class) tutorial.
  2. Donald Bell (IBM 2003) “UML Basics”.
  3. UML in a Nutshell” (2005)
  4. Practical UML.
  5. Lou Franco’s UML Cheat Sheet.

Software and beyond

  • Dia
  • Umlet
  • Any kind of drawing software: Gimp, Inkscape, Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator etc.

UML 1) The Use Case Diagram and the Use Case Description.

UML 2) Activity Diagrams

  • Tutorial Point: Activity Diagram.
  • UMLet. (In the video Umlet is used. It may run on Linux, Windows and a Mac OS. But a pencil could be used too).

 Exercice A)

Draw a UML activity diagram for a person, who sends an email to the editor of a website by a form. The form should validate the user input, and the user must have user friendly form validation feedback.

Exercise B)

Make a UML activity diagram for your online portfolio.

UML 3) The Class Diagram

You can say that a class is some code, that you can use again and again. PHP classes are included, like this:

// include_one(‘myclass.php’);

From the class diagram to PHP

  1. Try this: sample.
  2. (… and a  demo …)