A Note on Literature Review Method (Working Paper)

The literature review Literature review is a craft that is closely related to database design. If you work with research one of the first steps is to design your research database. In “How to Write a Thesis” Umberto Eco once wrote that the researcher should work with files. He suggested that the researcher should write… Continue reading A Note on Literature Review Method (Working Paper)

Reading Reports

The database comes in handy by now. My pool of papers rose from around 10 to 40. In the morning I read two reports in about three hours. Most of them are in .pdf – so I can search for keywords and find relevant quotes relatively quickly. I guess that it will be possible to… Continue reading Reading Reports


WordPress 102 CMS 100 (should include all, in theory but does not) Joomla 11 Drupal 8 Magento 11 Occurence of the word x in reports at Office365 @BAAA (visited: Oct. 10th 2016) Take these numbers with a grain of salt. As far as I can see the system counts the occurrence of the word –… Continue reading Statistics