SQL count(): The Most Popular Cake

This post contiues the SQL tutorial on the Shire Bakery. Here we’ll So how do yo find the most popular cake in the Shire Bakery? Here’s an idea. — Show the best cookie — See: Ben Forta Chap. 16 SELECT COUNT( cakes.cake ) AS ‘popular’, cakes.cake, costumers.who FROM cakes, costumers, likes — sort out the […]

SQL: Many-to-Many and One-to-Many

Here’s a short tutorial on how to solve some basic SQL cardinalities. First have a look at the ER-diagram for the database and the resulting tables in PhpMyAdmin. Many-to-Many Many to many cardinalities may be solved like this: SELECT cake, who FROM cakes, costumers, likes WHERE costumers.costumers_id = likes.costumers_id AND cakes.cakes_id = likes.cakes_id Note that […]