WordPress and jQuery

Add this code to the header.php file in the theme. Add this line before wp_head(): wp_enqueue_script(“jquery”); Then you can write a script (inside script tags) – somewhat like this: var $j = jQuery.noConflict(); // using j as selector to avoid conflicts $j(function(){ $j(“#respond”).hide(); // hide comment field }); Based on this tutorial by Chris Coyier.

Zengarden’s Classes and Ids

Below you find the classes and ids in Zengarden’s index file. I used a terminal window on a MacBook like this: grep “id=” ¬†index.html grep “class=” index html IDS IN ZENGARDEN'S INDEX.HTML <body id="css-zen-garden"> <section class="intro" id="zen-intro"> <div class="summary" id="zen-summary" role="article"> <div class="preamble" id="zen-preamble" role="article"> <div class="main supporting" id="zen-supporting" role="main"> <div class="explanation" id="zen-explanation" role="article"> <div […]

Photoshop Happens

Has Photoshop gone too far?¬† Right now the debate is red hot in the international media. Some even suggest a ban on Photoshop. On the other hand: retouching is as old as the history of photography. Or even painting – not all portraits are completely honest. Debate on CNN On CNN the model protest against […]