Day Corona Introduction
0 Before the lessons: download the book and install the Corona SDK on your computer.DW13 =  Daniel Willams: Corona SDK applicaiton design (2013)


  • DW13 Ch. I: How to install the Corona SDK on Mac or Windows (unfortunately Linux is left out here).
  • DW13 Ch. II: Introduction to Lua
  • DW13 Ch. III: The first app
  • DW13 Ch. IV: Puzzle game
  • Introduction to Corona SDK and the three tier architecture PHP, jSon & MySQL. (not covered by the book)
  •  DW13 Ch. V: Publish
  • Hand in mandatory assignment


Corona SDK and databases

You can use databases for hi-scores and similar in serious games. Corona supports the local file based datase Sqlite or MySql. If you want to work with a multiuser system MySQL may be an obvious choice. In that case you need to work in three “layers”: PHP, jSon and MySQL,