Adobe Flash I-IV

The Flash Lessons

Notes for the four Adobe Flash lessons:

  1. Flash Lesson I – Gui and simple animation.
  2. Flash Lesson II – Actionscript and agon.
  3. Flash Lesson III – Alea and the random generator.
  4. Flash Lesson IV – Sound and ilinx.
  5. Bonus track – Facial expressions (or: how to control a movieclip inside another movieclip)
  6. Bonus track II – Simple AS3 Hittest
  7. Adobe help: Actionscript Language and Syntax.

Why you must learn Flash

When Flash peaked you could run it on any operative system. Today however Flash is somewhat limited. It is banned from iPads and on Linux Flash only runs in the Chrome Browser.

However Flash is a wonderfull tool. When you know how to animate and program in ActionScript you can create:

  • Animated Web Pages
  • Computer Games
  • Apps for Mobile Devices

If you understand the principles of ActionScript you will begin to understand the principles of programming. The step from ActionScript to programming tools like: JavaScript, PHP, Python etc. is relatively easy.

That’s why you have to know ActionScript on the first semester.