Nice and need to haves.
Nice and need to haves.

Interaction during third semester
So far the plan is pretty empty apart from the first two days (the first week). During the first day we will agree on the content based on the expectations of the class – and of course we also have to consider the demands from the curriculum.

What we have to do
– Have a look at the curriculum for the third semester,

Interaction and Creative Advertizing
– How can we use interaction for creative advertizing?

15 Days – 11 in class – four for projects
All in all we have 15 days of teaching.  Every day has 6 lessons. The teaching will variate between project days and days of where you have to learn something based on our curriculum and interpretation of interaction and creative advertizing.

In project weeks I’m available when my name occurs in the schedule – and of course when you’ll have some sort of feedback at the end of projects.

According to the plan from the team of lecturers we will use 4 days for projects. Hence we’ll have 11 days for teachings in a class room.

Planning the course during the first week
On the first day I’ll listen to input from the class. Based on that I’ll make a detailed plan. The plan will be available thursday 21.8.

The (somewhat blank plan)
So here is the somewhat blank plan – let’s fill in the white spaces. From art you may know the concept horor vacui.

The blank plan (the astrological signs are ancient week day symbols).
The blank plan (the astrological signs are ancient week day symbols).




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