Facial Expressions

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Here is a method where you can control a movie inside another movie. The strange beast on the top left has a dice face. It’s the same movie as the dice rolling. So by changing the frame you can control fairly complex animations.

How to control a movie inside another movie.
In a keyframe try the following:

function faceshift(event:Event) {
kitty.kFace.gotoAndStop(3); // stops at face 3

The trick is in this codeline:

  • kitty.kFace.gotoAndStop(3);

Here you control a movie inside another movie. So on the stage you see a kitty. Inside kitty is a movieclip named kFace. By gotoAndStop / Play you can control animations like facial expressions and similar.

Tip: use onEnterFrame or buttons in order to control the movies.

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