Here are the deadlines for the exam project in the first semester of 2013:

Deadlines for the semester are as follows:



Jan 16. – Feb 1.
Start internships.

Start filling out time sheets for project and virtual work placement

February 15
Counsellors receive first Project Description for FEP. Send it to your own counsellor. You can read, who it is on Internship Contract.
Description of requirements to be found on Fronter.
March 1
FEP counsellor approve 1. Project Description for FEP
>> April 15
Bivejledere/auxilery counsellor chosen
April 15 – May 1
End of internship
May 7
Deliverance of first draft of FEP to counsellor.
Description of requirements to be found on Fronter.
May 15 at 12.00
Deadline for Internship report, deliver to Caroline in two copies.
Description of requirements to be found on Fronter.
June 4
at 12.00
Deadline for Final Exam Project hand in. Should be handed in 3 copies to Caroline.
June 18, 19, 20, 21
Oral Examinations
June 28
at 14.00

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